Artists present their works in the forest

Art exhibitions in museums are often very strenuous. “Art in the Forest” is supposed to be different – there’s something unusual to see during a relaxed walk in a relaxed atmosphere with family, dog or alone. Visitors should talk to the artists, have a drink and eat, linger – take their time involuntarily. This was the situation in 2015, when the jungle granted asylum to art in front of the city.


This is what it looked like in 2015, when the jungle granted asylum to art in front of the city. A forest is an idyllic, for some people an almost perfect place. It is green, pleasantly cool, relaxing and the air clean. Especially in midsummer more and more people are drawn from the city to cooler and quieter places. How can you still change this place and find yourself? How can you bring a piece of man into nature without destroying it?

This was the question artist Markus Dambach asked himself six years ago when he lived right next to the Saarbr├╝cken jungle.

Art in the forest” was the solution at that time. An event at which different artists will show their works for the sixth time on August 6 and 7, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m..

“It’s a contrast to the atmosphere in the museum, it’s often very exhausting,” explains organizer Markus Dambach thoughtfully. In contrast, people visit “Kunst im Wald” for relaxation, for a little walk with their family, with the dog, alone or purposefully to see art.

Of course, the visitors often get into conversation with the artists, because the place is also meant to stay. Each participant brings something to eat, and drinks are also organized.

Watch under trees

Experimental concerts have taken place in recent years and Dambach is still hoping this year for actions such as performance, theatre or music. Some want to spend the night in the jungle again, like in the last years. So far the weather has always played along. After all, the event lasts two days, so the artists can better get involved with the unusual space.

In recent years there have been paintings, music, photography, installations and more, especially experimental works.

This year there are already twelve registrations, for a tour this is not enough yet, but according to experience there are still short-term registrations. In the best case, you can walk in a circle and discover new surprises every few meters.

“My pictures look completely different in the forest – I find them more beautiful,” says Dambach. He usually has his studio in the Nauwieser Viertel, a completely different environment.

It is not important to him that countless visitors come, on the contrary. The quiet and stress-free environment was decisive for the event. Nobody wants a mass event, there are enough of them in the city centre.

  • So anyone who wants something different is going to the improvised, small and sympathetic event on these days.
  • It can be easily reached from the Saarbahn stop Heinrichshaus via the settlement von der Heydt. From there it’s just a nice, small and signposted walk past trees, streams, ponds and art.
  • Directions and further information on facebook under “Kunst im Wald” and on the Internet.